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Welcome, welcome, welcome to our famous, georgeous Restaurant Norita Tom Yam (Makanan Ala Thai)!!!

Dear  Beloved Customers,
Enjoy your stay here while we'll guide you to navigate through our processes....
Hungry, Worry not, we'll provide you the most authentic and classical food where you can find in Sabah...
It will be a Hunger For More....
Operation Time

M o n d a y  -  F r i d a y

1 0 a m   t o   1 1 p m

S a t u r d a y - S u n d a y

4 p m  t o   1 1 p m


Catering Advancement

*Bookings shall be made 1 week prior to function held.

*Payments made through Cash or Cheque (LPO), 1/2 paid before & balance paid after function.

*Transports are provided within certain range, range >50Km radius is charged accordingly.

*Foods offered are based on packages and quantity of the amount requested by customer.

WinkTM Norita Tom Yam

(we do not encourage personal cheques, thank you)

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Ground floor, Lot No.14 1/3,

KM Jalan Tuaran,

Likas Park,

Kota Kinabalu,



* *  C A L L   O R   S M S  * * 

 019*862*3620 MR.NORDIN


**  E - M A I L  **


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